Monday, November 3, 2014

Space games

We are learning all about space.
Today's PE games all had a space theme.
We played craters and volcanoes. 
The boys kept turning all craters into volcanoes while the girls kept changing the volcanoes into craters.  At the end of each game we counted to see whether there were more craters or volcanoes.  This decided the winning team.
The cold planets and the sun.  When touched by a cold (blue) planet you had to freeze, but when touched by the sun you warmed up again and could un-freeze!
Astronauts and rockets.  If teacher called "rockets" the girls had to run to the wall before being tagged by their partner, but if teacher called "astronauts" the boys had to run to the opposite wall without being tagged by their partners.
Earth, Rocket, Moon (a variation of Ship, deck and lifeboats).  This game involved running to the correct place, earth, rocket or moon, but also miming moon walks, blast off, eating/drinking/sleeping on the rockets.
We had so much fun with these space games.

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